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Start working on a new diff tool, based on the test example for db_diff. Doesn't do the mged script generation of g_diff, but it has a few other nifty features. It supports a -v option that takes 0 (no output, return code only), 1 (less verbose) and 2 (more verbose) as options to control how much information is reported. It accepts -a, -c, -u and -r options to enable reporting for added, changed, unchanged, and removed objects respectively (if none are supplied, the default is report all changes.) In addition, although it is not yet tested extensively, there is a -F option which lets the user supply a search-command-style filter string to filter results. Say, for example, you only want your diff output to report objects of type tgc. On a bash command prompt, that search would look like gdiff2 -F "-type tgc" file1.g file2.g and would report only items that were tgc primitives at some stage of the diffing process. I.e., an added tgc in file2.g would be reported, as would a primitive named s.1 that was changed from a tgc in file1.g to an ell in file2.g. This should provide a way to trim potentially large diff results down to what is of current interest to a user.

starseeker 2014-05-03

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