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Trouble binding midi keyboard to bristol

  • Jean Schurger
    Jean Schurger


    I would like to bind the buttons/faders/rotary_controllers of an
    M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro to bristol. I tried using the B3 and middle
    click on the UI then moving a fader on the M-audio, but the bind does
    not work.
    Playing music with the m-audio works.

    A log file is attached.


    Jean Schurger
    21D0 4702 758D 5656 C0D6 3288 1609 9E15 596A E928

  • Nick Copeland
    Nick Copeland

    This mapping should be possible. I do with an M-Audio device too. The issue might be the kind of event that the controller is already sending: bristol wants to see a CC message. If the device sends some SYSEX because it is mapped for another app then you might get issues.

    From the debug there are quite a lot of f7 messages, these are end-of-sysex but the rest look like controller changes. Do you know if your keystation has predefined controller values?