Eliminating key click from hammond b3 emulati

  • Varkhan1

    Yes yes I know I'm stupid for saying this, but is there any way to eliminate the key click in the hammond b3 emulation in Bristol? I know that kinda defeats the purpose of an emulation, but i'd like to hear what it sounds like.

    • Nick Copeland
      Nick Copeland

      No way is that a stupid question - not all hammond were 'plagued' with keyclick, the company put a whole load of effort to get rid of it. The ones that did have click were popularized by the jazz organists though.

      So, on the bottom left of the window there are two switches, the lowest one is for the leslie rotation speed. The one above it should open up the options settings panel and the bottom row should have a rotary control for click level - just wind it down. There is an option here for 'Preacher' on/off. The off setting will give you a softer, cleaner sound. The Preacher emulates a tonewheel gearbox with lots of distortions that you might prefer not to have. They can all be modified however that is quite a bit of work.

      If you want to save these for next time then select memory 0 and press save - memory zero is the first loaded memory next time you start, and after that the lowest octave reversed keys are the first 24 memories,  much like the hammond presets.

      You can change whatever you want here, if you decide you don't like it anymore then just select memory 0 (or  any other memory) and load it from this 'options' panel, that will override the options you have changed.

      These options should be documented in the README file for the B3. If you are wondering about any of them though just post a note here.

      Kind regards,