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nothing with aconnect

  • Pierre Raoul
    Pierre Raoul


        My configuration is:
        - Ubuntu 11.10 or 12.10 64 bits
        - QSynth 0.3.6
        - JACK Audio Connection Kit - Qt GUI Interface 0.3.8
        - VMPK 0.3.3
        - Bristol 0.60.8
        I got Bristol with:
               sudo apt-get install bristol
               sudo apt-get install monobristol
        I launch under my user account:
              qsynth &
              vmpk &
              qjackctl &
              startBristol -audio jack -pro5      

        By default, Qsynth, VMPK and Qjackctl are configured with a patchbay.
        For Bristol, with Qjeckctl I connect Bristol with system output on
        the Audio tab in Connections view.
        Everything runs fine: each of both keyboads generates sounds.
        Now I'd like to write a script to launch Bristol. I need its port number
        so I use

    aconnect -io

        and I get

    client 0: 'System'
        0 'Timer           '
        1 'Announce        '
    client 14: 'Midi Through'
        0 'Midi Through Port-0'
    client 128: 'FLUID Synth (14516)'
        0 'Synth input port (14516:0)'
    client 129: 'VMPK Output'
        0 'VMPK Output     '
    client 130: 'VMPK Input'
        0 'VMPK Input          
        Oups! No Bristol port here?
        I need help. Is there any reason aconnect dosn't show Bristol?
        Is there any other way to get it?