sid arp without split?

  • James Mckernon
    James Mckernon

    Hi all -

    I just wondered if it is currently possible to use sidney's arpeggiator mode without the keyboard split being in effect? (Or, alternatively, if there's a way to move the position of the split so that it's out of the way?)

    Thanks in advance (and thanks also for a wonderful set of synths!)

  • Nick Copeland
    Nick Copeland

    In arpeggiation modes the voice allocation will attempt to hold the outer voices and argpeggiate voice-2. I could work on activating the mono arpeggiator, that would let you have a Unison of the three voices following an arpeggiation of the notes you hold down? WIll have to see how much work that would be - I have all the code but need to see how I can couple it into this emulator.

    Regards, nick