OSC support within bristol

  • Nick Copeland
    Nick Copeland

    Does anybody have reasons or arguments about having OSC support within bristol?

    I was looking to implement OSC however it kind of raised a few questions and I don't have answers to them:

         What would having an OSC interface bring to bristol?

    It has a engine that emulates multiple keyboards however every emulator has a bespoke GUI. The GUI actually drives the engine sometimes disingenuously since to make it actually emulate specifics of the different audio  and modulation routing it has to play with different parameters. That kind of means that making them visible via OSC would not really enable arbitrary control over it. The obvious benefit of exchanging float parameters is also lost since the only real way to integrate support without rewriting each emulator GUI would be to shim OSC underneath the existing 'fine controller' interface limiting it anyway to 14 bits per parameter.

    Doing the integration itself would be an interesting exercise but are there really any other benefits to having this support? As far as I can tell, unless somebody wanted to write their own GUI there is little added benefit in having this, and due to the manipulations that the GUI would have to make of the engine I don't really see this happening.

    Regards, Nick.