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[r366] by afanofosc_99

Minor changes to the compiler status dialog
Tweaks to the NXC keyword list and the internal API list.

2010-05-02 03:42:39 Tree
[r365] by afanofosc_99

Fixed a serious problem caused by yesterday's changes to NBCCommon.h due to a bug in the NBC/NXC preprocessor (which I will fix later)
More documentation updates in preparation for the next official release.
Minor tweaks to the graphics library code.

2010-05-02 03:40:43 Tree
[r364] by afanofosc_99

Documentation updates

2010-05-01 18:31:50 Tree
[r363] by afanofosc_99

Doxygen updates to include NXC Guide content.
More example code for the documentation.

2010-04-30 22:01:25 Tree
[r362] by afanofosc_99

Several small compiler changes to fix foobar [j] (i.e., space between array name and index) bug.
The compiler now eats whitespace after a token so that the Look character is never whitespace. I had to
fix a few places that were depending on Look being whitespace (such as #download and other directives as
well as asm block statements).
Also fixed a bug passing a UDT array expression into an inline function taking a UDT arg.
Some minor test program changes.
NXC documentation changes.

2010-04-29 23:20:48 Tree
[r361] by afanofosc_99

Focus the editor window if we can.

2010-04-29 20:27:07 Tree
[r360] by afanofosc_99

NQC help tweaks

2010-04-29 20:25:37 Tree
[r359] by afanofosc_99

Corrected API function name.

2010-04-28 23:00:13 Tree
[r358] by afanofosc_99

Documentation example updates and additions.

2010-04-28 22:58:35 Tree
[r357] by afanofosc_99

Fixed a bug with asm statements passed into function call parameters
Added support for assignment statements as expressions

2010-04-28 13:12:39 Tree
[r356] by afanofosc_99

Added DisplayFont, SetDisplayFont, ClearLine, and addr functions.
Fixed a bug in the atof function.

2010-04-27 23:14:53 Tree
[r355] by afanofosc_99

Added support for new 1.28 enhanced firmware opcode: addrof
This opcode takes the address of its second argument and stores it in its first argument which must be unsigned long.

2010-04-27 23:11:39 Tree
[r354] by afanofosc_99

Fixed bug with inline function that returns a struct

2010-04-27 23:10:21 Tree
[r353] by afanofosc_99

Sample programs for documentation and testing

2010-04-27 23:04:00 Tree
[r352] by afanofosc_99

Added example code and ClearLine API function

2010-04-26 22:53:55 Tree
[r351] by afanofosc_99

documentation fixes.

2010-04-14 13:59:06 Tree
[r350] by afanofosc_99

example file correction

2010-04-14 13:32:25 Tree
[r349] by afanofosc_99

API header documentation correction
Makefile update

2010-04-14 12:01:42 Tree
[r348] by afanofosc_99

Adding help source files

2010-04-14 05:08:54 Tree
[r347] by afanofosc_99

Adding help source files

2010-04-14 05:00:26 Tree
[r346] by afanofosc_99

Adding help source files

2010-04-14 04:59:13 Tree
[r345] by afanofosc_99

Adding help source files

2010-04-14 04:57:26 Tree
[r344] by afanofosc_99

API header updates
NXC compiler fixes

2010-04-14 02:33:13 Tree
[r343] by afanofosc_99

Code listing window enhancements

2010-04-14 02:30:30 Tree
[r342] by afanofosc_99

Example program fixes

2010-04-14 02:29:41 Tree
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