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[r13]: ESP / BricxCC_7_49.dpr Maximize Restore History

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BricxCC_7_49.dpr    20 lines (15 with data), 500 Bytes

// Do not edit. This file is machine generated by the Resource DLL Wizard.

library BricxCC_7_49;

{ITE} {LCID:00000409:0000040A} {}
{ITE} {DFMFileType} {About.dfm}
{ITE} {RCFileType} {ToolbarBackground.rc}
{ITE} {RCFileType} {NXTSound.rc}
{ITE} {RCFileType} {VistaManifest.rc}
{ITE} {<unknown>} {macro_img.res}

{$R 'About.dfm'}
{$R 'ToolbarBackground.res' 'ToolbarBackground.rc'}
{$R 'NXTSound.res' 'NXTSound.rc'}
{$R 'VistaManifest.res' 'VistaManifest.rc'}

{$E ESP}