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#15 I can't get a working cross compiler


I have gentoo linux with gcc-4.1.1. I just can't seem to get anything to work. I don't want to have to use cygwin to get it to work! First I tried to use the gentoo method(crossdev) to install the gcc-4 cross compiler, only to find that the target is no longer supported and is now something like h8300-elf. Then I followed the cygwin instructions to compile gcc-2.95 and binutils. binutils installed fine but the gcc build failed. Next I got the latest gcc and binutils ard tried to build for --target=h8300-elf but the gcc build failed there too. I am thinking about trying to install those debian binary packages even though I don't have debian.

I really don't know what I am doing. I don't have any idea if it needs exactly h8300-hitachi-hms, or exactly that version of gcc, or if the newer gcc's need those patches that the cygwin script uses. Does everyone that uses brickOS use cygwin or debian? I couldn't find any directions for installing for a normal *nix system.

I would really like to use brickOS without having to use windows. Could someone help me set up a cross compiler that will work with brickOS?



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    I found an install guide on the lugnet brickos section. If anyone needs any help installing on a linux system I can help maybe.