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Brickdoh 0.56 released!

Brickdoh v0.56 got a highscore list (not persistent), and a new wormhole warp effect which gives the ball extra spin. The highscore list should make it a complete game, at least it has a sort of goal now - get a higher score!

Posted by Hajo 2013-01-31

Brickdoh 0.55 released!

Brickdoh v0.55 got 2 new backdrop images and a new tile type, the wormhole tile. The also new level 6 is the first one to feature the wormhole tile and warp effect.

Posted by Hajo 2013-01-31

Brickdoh 0.54 released!

With all new backdrop images, Brickdoh should be a much more appealing experience now. The screenshots section got some updated previews, but just download v0.54 and try it yourself!

Posted by Hajo 2011-07-28

Brickdoh 0.53 released!

Brickdoh 0.53 was released, and besides some code cleanup it got a nice "flip away" animation for breaking tiles.

Also, the screenshot section got a teaser preview of one of the new backdrop images that will go into the release 0.54 - the backdrop image and the required code is in the SVN. So if you want to see it live, check out the sources and build it yourself.

Posted by Hajo 2011-07-26

Starting ...

I think I have everything commited to the SVN now, and hope to compile and release a first version soon.

Posted by Hajo 2011-07-24