Tournament Pool & Bracket Tracker v0.4.3 Released

The Tournament Pool & Bracket Tracker is a J2EE application for easily administrating a sports tournament office pool. This is a bug fix release and fixes all known bugs. This release specifically fixes some user interface bugs that eventually result in corrupted data. Recommended upgrade for all users.

This release also includes support for the NIT tournament.

This application supports small groups or organizations who wish to provide an NCAA basketball tournament pool without a lot of administrative work in calculating up-to-date results and possibilities. Though it was built with the NCAA tournament in mind, it is built generically and should be able to handle most other sports tournament pools For instance, it has been demonstrated to work with the ACC tournament. It is web-based and thus users can register themselves and start enterring their brackets on their own. They can edit and change and play with their selections in an easy to use interface, until they are either happy or run out of time. After the adminstrator of a group adds them to the group and provides at least one pool, the user can submit their finished bracket. Once the tournament begins, they cannot change it. Users can submit a single bracket in as many pools as they want or switch them up. Once the tournament is underway, as games complete, users can keep track of their progress as the administrator for a tournament updates the results of games. The pool adminstrators can choose from many different scoring systems, and in the future may be able to define their own.

Posted by Avery J. Regier 2006-03-16