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Third beta release

After all these years the library is pretty stable, albeit simple.
There is now new functionality brace::block::match member function similar to XPath. Just call match("root{sub{other{wanted*") to get brace::block::members_base_type collection of found blocks whose == "wanted" ...easy.

Empty strings "" are now tokenized properly.
As of beta 2c, new tokenization rules for +, - and . ensures that numbers are now parsed as single tokens without the need to be enclosed in double quotes.... read more

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2013-08-18

Refreshed snapshot 3a released

This snapshot contains one simple fix to otherwise severe bug (may cause crash) and updates the source code not to break the template nesting rules. Because of this, the codes didn't compile in GCC 4.x but now they do.

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2008-09-02

Third alpha release

Third alpha release is an update for those who seriously try to use this library before it is fully debugged :-) The changes follows.

Serializer: Fixed access violation problem when escaping backslashes (escape_symbol) and double-quotes (string_end) characters. For extended compatibility with various foreign formats, even the single-character strings are always serialized quoted, not escaped.... read more

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-12-27

Second alpha release available

The alpha-2 version of the Brace library is mostly only updated and enhanced version of previous alpha that contains mostly reorganizations to parser/tokenizer code with some exception-safety simplifications and fixes. The tokenizer now supports three types of comments, the syntax can again be customized through tokenizer traits. Most tokenizer features can be now disabled by setting their traits to brace::not_used_feature. The documentation is still scheduled to be delivered in first beta ;-)

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-12-10

First alpha version released

The alpha-1 version of the Brace library now contain most of the major features wanted by initial design. Especially fully customizable parser and serializer are present. After this release, the major emphasize will be towards debugging (or better, ensuring the library to be bug-free) and providing a comprehensive documentation.

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-09-30

Second preview released

Next preview of the Brace library. The overal design and dependencies has been refactored and fixed, yet this is still an early preview. Thus again, these files are presented without any warranty, without any real debugging being done and for your consideration only.

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-09-15

First technological preview

Only first preview of 'how I would like this library to be designed' has been released so far. Note that this first early design already cannot handle present requirements thus is heading towards major refactoring. These files are presented without any warranty, without any real debugging being done and for your consideration only.

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-08-14