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Read Me

Boxplorer 1.02

- Video card with GLSL support (OpenGL 2.0)
- SDL runtime library installed (


  boxplorer [configuration file]

The default configuration file is "boxplorer.cfg".

Put "vertex.glsl" or "fragment.glsl" in the same folder as the executable
to override default shaders.

ESC                - exit the program in fullscreen mode, release the mouse in window mode (click to regrab)
ESC ESC            - exit the program
Enter              - toggle fullscreen and reload shaders
Space              - take a screenshot (.tga) and save parameters (.cfg)

mouse movement     - look around
mouse buttons      - move forward/back, remember movement direction
Alt                - move forward
press Shift, Ctrl  - double/halve movement speed
W, A, S, D         - strafe (move sideways)
Q, E               - roll

W+S, A+D           - move forward/back
forward+back       - move forward at 25% speed

up/down arrow      - modify active parameter .y
left/right arrow   - modify active parameter .x

One of these modes can be active:

L      - "look around" mode: rotate camera
F      - field of vision mode: zoom / aspect ratio
R      - raymarching mode: required distance from fractal / max step count
I      - iteration mode: iteration count / iteration count for coloring
O      - ambient occlusion mode: strength of AO / scale for AO
G      - glow mode: glow strength / object distance to color curve
0...9  - user mode: modify parameters par0...par9

Par0 is used for |minRadius2| and |scale| in the default Mandelbox shader.

Configuration file parameters
width, height           Window/viewport dimensions. Config only.
                        If you set only one, the window aspect ratio will be 4:3.

multisamples            Number of FSAA samples per pixel (full screen anti-aliasing). Config only.
                        If you specify 1, no multisampling is used.
                        Commonly supported values are 1,2,4,6,8 and 16.

fullscreen              0 for window mode, 1 for fullscreen mode. Switched with Enter.
                        If the desired resolution isn't supported, the next larger available mode
                        will be set with a smaller viewport in its center.
                        Parameters are visible only in window mode (in the window caption).

speed                   Movement speed (units per frame). Can be adjusted by Shift and Ctrl.

keyb_rot_speed          Degrees to turn per frame in mode L. Config only.

mouse_rot_speed         Degrees to turn per pixel of mouse movement. Config only.

fov_x, fov_y            Field of vision in degrees.
                        If you set only one, the other is calculated to make pixels square.
                        Modified in mode F.

min_dist                Distance from the fractal that must be reached for the raymarching to stop.
                        Higher values have banding artifacts, but are faster.
                        Values around 1e-7 start having floating-point accuracy issues.
                        Modified in mode R.

max_steps               Maximum steps that raymarching can make. Glow density is based on it.
                        Modified in mode R.

iters                   Number of iterations. Modified in mode I.

color_iters             Number of iterations for coloring. Modified in mode I.

ao_eps                  Samples for ambient occlusion are taken at distances ao_eps*{2,3,5,9,17} along the normal.
                        Lower values should have min_dist lowered appropriately.
                        Modified in mode O.

ao_strength             How much is the resultant color weighted by ambient occlusion.
                        Modified in mode O.

glow_strength           Glow progression is linear between zero steps and max_steps. This parameter
                        controls how much glow is applied after max_steps is reached.
                        Modified in mode G.

dist_to_color           Controls how object distance is mapped to color (applies only when
                        max_steps is reached).
                        Modified in mode G.

position x y z          Camera position in world units. Modified by moving the camera.

direction x y z         Camera direction in world units (will be normalized).
                        Modified by rotating the camera.

upDirection x y z       Camera "up" direction in world units (will be made orthogonal to
                        "direction" and normalized).
                        Modified by rotating the camera.

par0..par9 x y          User parameter values that are passed into the shader. Modified in modes 0...9.

par0x_name..par9y_name  Name of the parameter displayed in the caption when modified.