Happy Halloween

This is a great day, I'm preparing the new release of boxp, the beta 8. For this release I'm planning the following tasks:
Modify the configuation variables. We need to improve them to support multiple languages, binary values, encrypted values and plugins that police their variables. (Critical)
Improve the support for multi languages in Plugins and the FrameWork. The lack of support ot unicode could be a limitation.(High)
Client preferences dialog must be completed. This is done now. (High)
Change client workspace format to .ini style. (High)
Complete cli_extend plugin. The ServerList extension should sort the server list; and write the help files. (Medium)
Server should accept only local network connections. (Medium)
small changes as always, new features and bug fixes.

Help is always welcome, if you are a C++ developer and consider that you could work on one of these tasks, please mail to j_aroche AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.

Javier Aroche

Posted by Javier Aroche 2005-11-01