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Patch: restitution value is lost (bug fix)

  • Peter Halasz
    Peter Halasz

    One of the value isn't copied from the definiton when you create a Fixture.

    Specifically, in b2Fixture.Create() the 'restitution" value from def:b2FixtureDef is lost. A patch follows.

    Let me know if there's a better place to be contributing patches.

    Peter Halasz. <br/>
    Because of Games

        Index: b2Fixture.as
        -- b2Fixture.as (revision 71)
        +++ b2Fixture.as (working copy)
        @@ -244,6 +244,7 @@
         m_userData = def.userData;
         m_friction = def.friction;
        + m_restitution = def.restitution;
         m_body = body;
         m_next = null;