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Updates? What?

BT 2.0 may come some time later. I've been really -really- busy lately. Most of my time goes into the programming language im making anyway. BT 2.0 will support Linux most likely.

Posted by 2003-04-19

BT/BE 1.3!

New version includes some bug fixes and the new remote admin feature. With this, you can /admin with your username and password, and then /kill, /tempfilter, /broadcast, or /listconn. For those that don't want to connect to themselves on IRC, the Connections panel has been renamed into the Admin panel and you can now perform administrative commands over it. w00t. Big release.

Posted by 2003-02-14

What does the future hold?

While I am swamped with my life, my half completed website, and tetratools, I might still be able to squeeze in some time for BT 1.3. If you have any suggestions for what you want in the new release, don't hestitate to submit a request.

Posted by 2003-02-13

BounceThis 1.2 stable + BounceEditor finished!

w00t. Download please.

Posted by 2003-02-01

Havent been around much

That doesnt mean the project is dead though ;] I've been working on my site, which should be up soon. The next release of BT will come with the configuration editor, so keep on the lookout ;[

Posted by 2003-01-31

1.1b released

The server software for 1.1 is released, new features are:

Extremely improved connection monitoring system
Uses Critical Sections to make sure threads don't screw up ;[
Visual Connection Monitor shows all connections, their ports + how many bytes they have sent/recv

Update now. The new connection monitoring system is a GREAT improvement over the last.

BounceEditor = soon. I have alot of the code done.
Read readme.running.txt for information on how to setup bt.conf. ... read more

Posted by 2003-01-02

1.0.2b released

I recommend if you are running 1.0.1b that you upgrade. It fixes a very serious bug in clone detection.

Posted by 2002-12-31

Getting rid of Microsoft's stupid wrappers.

Working on getting rid of fopen/fgets/malloc etc for CreateFile/HeapAlloc, etc.

Posted by 2002-12-30

1.1 to come. Lots of improvements

Expect BT 1.1 soon. Will come with configuration editor and connection monitor.

Posted by 2002-12-25

Beta1 released, BounceEditor to come.

Well, there is the source/executable for BT. I had a conf file editor done, but since I changed the parser engine I haven't updated BE to use the new confs. Deal with notepad. :/

Posted by 2002-12-22

Source/Binarys soon.

I have alot of this project done, it is just kinda messy right now ;/

Posted by 2002-12-21