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Bossa 0.4.1 "Fall" is released.

This is a bugfix release. Two really nasty bugs made it to the last release, this one fixes them.

Thanks to Steffen Brehme for finding the bugs.

Bossa What?

Bossa is a workflow engine written in Java. The engine is very fast and lightweight, uses a very expressive Petri net notation to define workflows, does not requires a RDBMS and is very simple to use and to integrate with java applications.

Actually, it was *designed* to be embedded. Therefore, Bossa is organized as a library to be used by server side applications
(especially web oriented ones) that need workflow services.

Go get it!



Bossa 0.4.1 "Fall", 2003-11-14

* Fixed a wrong access modifier in the constructor of BossaFactory. Now it is possible to configure your Bossa instance.

* Fixed a subtle bug caused by the new Prevayler 2.0 transaction filtering.

Posted by Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira 2003-11-14