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Project BORIS / News: Recent posts

Project Web Site

I have started work on the boris project web site. While there is nothing of relevance there yet, you may be interested in looking at the layout, or something; so the address for the enthusiastic is

Posted by Rowan James 2003-03-22

CVS repository UP

... just imported the 'core' module tree to - this contains the VB6 source for building the (currently broken) boris core dll.

Posted by Rowan James 2003-03-22


Ok, well after hitting a REALLY severe limitation in VB6 late-bound dll support, Boris is in the middle of a complete re-write.

While still broken at this stage, the current 'core' module available from the CVS repository should give you an idea of the new ideals.

Also, after finishing my part-time job over the hols, I now have more time to work on boris, as well as some other projects and hobbies, so it is safe to expect updates regularly (i.e. weekly).

Posted by Rowan James 2003-03-22

Release Info

Just added the release.txt file to the downloads - this document contains various informataion about boris releases and conventions.

Posted by Rowan James 2002-10-01

Site Founded

Finally made the site publically available, more news, posts, downloads and documentation to come.

Posted by Rowan James 2002-09-24