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#393 BUILD.txt Instruction not right

Windows 8

Instruction in file \BORGCalendar\swingui\src\main\resources\resource\BUILD.txt not right for version 1.8, for maven. The eclipse (juno) plugin for maven stopped with exception?! How i can build borg?


  • My workspace
    1) Windows 8, Eclipse started with Administrator
    2) Download and install the source (master) from GitHub with the button "Download ZIP"
    3) m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse

    My error:

    [ERROR] No compiler is provided in this environment...

  • I solve the compiler error:
    1) Eclipse > Window > Preferences
    2) Select in the left tree: Java > Installed JREs
    3) Select in the right list Java and Edit...
    4) Change the path fpr "JRE home" to the JDK (example D:\Java\jdk1.7.0_51)
    5) Project > Clean

    Than the compiler will run without any error. But on the end the build process failed:
    [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-antrun-plugin:1.7:run

  • Ok, i see in \BORGCalendar\install\target\antrun\build-main.xml that:
    1) we nee to install IzPack on c:/Program Files/IzPack.
    2) we need to install Python on c:\python
    I think we sould write from this discussion a BUILD.txt.

    Last edit: Joachim Mailänder 2014-04-29
  • Mike Berger
    Mike Berger


    Sorry about that. I forgot to update BUILD.txt.
    I switched to maven on all of my projects after using it at work on a much larger project and seeing how much it simplified things. I have also received requests to switch to maven.

    The JDK/compiler issue in Eclipse has nothing to do with Borg. I'm surprised that Eclipse doesn't detect this and warn the user since this happens to every Java developer when first setting up Eclipse.

    The Borg ANT scripts used to build a simple ZIP distribution for BORG and only build the IzPack installer if IzPack was found. It was always expected that people building Borg would not go to the trouble of downloading IzPack and would just use the ZIP file. So, the ANT scripts would behave gracefully if IzPack was missing. I think the maven version should be changed to do the same thing.

  • Mike Berger
    Mike Berger

    • status: open --> committed