#351 change between the program windows changes keyboard language

Windows 8.1

The keyboard language switches automatically by itself. After several testing discovered that if you where writing a note in french, then you switched to another window in Borg, the language will change to same language you last time left the latest window on it (lets say English) so the keyboard will change to English by itself. If you returned back to the first window the keyboard will change automatically back to French. So imagine the coming scenario.


Scenario 1:

1) Open your web browser on Google search -lets assume will will search in Google in English-
2) Then you decided to add an appointment that you don't want to miss, so you opened BORG.
3) Opened the monthly view.
4a) Added an appointment in French 'Fr' language.
4b) You still have your cursor in the text field and your keyboard is set to 'Fr'.
5) Now switch back to Google and when you start typing you realize your writing in French, so you change the language back to English in order to do the intended search.
6) If you switched back to BORG in the same appointment view where your cursor was in the text field. Your keyboard language will switch back to French automatically by itself.
7) If you went to write back in Google it will not change back to English automatically, then you have to change it by your self.
8) You can keep switching between those two windows and getting same results from point '5)' and beyond .

Scenario 2:

1) Open BORG -> Monthly View.
2) Add two appointments one in English and the other in French -separate one of the appointments from the dock-
3) Now keep switching between them, you will recognize the automatic changing of your keyboard.

Ill add a video i captured and uploaded on YouTube.
with small notices:
1) The languages I switch between them: English(En)/ Arabic(ع).
2) The program that i was using for recording doesn't show the mouse cursor, however just keep eyes on bottom right screen so you see the changes.