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#239 Right-clicking during the drag and drop of a(n) appointment/todo/note leaves behind a red box outline on the view of the appointment/todo/note.

Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit


When dragging and dropping a(n) appointment/todo/note, a red box outline of the event being moved is shown on the screen. If a user right-clicks (within the view) while still holding onto the event with left-click the expected menu is opened. However, if the user releases the left mouse button anywhere within the opened menu, the red box outline of the event is left on the screen, no longer controlled by the user.

Hardware Environment

Dell Inspiron 1545, Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16Ghz, 2GB RAM
Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000: Model 1049 [Contains a left and right click and a scroll wheel with clicking ability]
E-3lue Cobra EMS121BK Gaming Mouse [Contains a left and right click and a scroll wheel with clicking ability]
Generic Dell Mouse [Contains a left and right click and a scroll wheel with clicking ability]

Software Environment

Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 32-bit
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 64-bit

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run the BORG Calendar Application.
  2. On the default ‘Month’ view, create a valid appointment, Todo or Note on any date/time. (Refer to Figure 1)
  3. [Assuming a right-handed person] Using the mouse, left-click on the created item and while holding the left-click, drag the item producing a red outline of the item. (Refer to Figure 2)
  4. While still holding the item, press the right-click on the mouse producing a menu to create a new item on the calendar (Refer to Figure 3)
  5. Release the left mouse button while the cursor is still located within the menu previously opened by the right-click. Note: If it was released over one of the options of the menu and a new view opened, simply navigate back to the ‘Month’ view.
  6. Left-click anywhere except in the ‘Month’ view. For example, click on ‘Action’ in the upper left to open the menu, and then click again to close the menu. At this point, we are left with a red box outline somewhere in our ‘Month’ view. (Refer to Figure 4) Note: The main purpose of this step is to close the menu produced by our right-click, thus anywhere except in the view will suffice.
  7. At this point we are no longer in control of the red box outline and it simply sits on the view it was created on. Thus, being a potential graphic problem.

Suggested Solution(s)

Solution 1 (employed by Mozilla lightning):

If right-click is pressed during the dragging of an event, drop the event over the date it is hovering over and open the right-click menu for the user.

Solution 2 (employed by Google Calendar):

If right-click is pressed during the dragging of an event, leave the event at its original date prior to dragging and open the right-click menu for the user.

Additional Testing

The same steps were performed on the ‘Week’ and ‘Day’ views with similar results. A red box outline can be created on each of the three views. Further testing after the red box outline was created showed that if the mouse was hovering over a valid day, the middle click button could be used to remove the red box outline. However, the event would be moved to that date as well. (Refer to Figure 5 - The view is after middle click was used on January 21). It was also noted that during the process of dragging (prior to right-clicking) the middle mouse button could be used to drop the event onto the date being hovered over. The event would not only move to a different date, but also if used in the 'Week' or 'Day' views, it would also take on the start and end times shown by the red box outline.

Events that do not remove the red box outline:
1. Switching to a different month/week/day using the left and right arrows at the top of
the view or using the scroll wheel.
2. Closing the BORG application window, but leaving the 'tray icon' in-place then
re-opening the application window.
3. Closing the view it was created on, then re-opening the view.
4. Docking or undocking the view.

Events that remove the red box outline:
1. Using a left-click within the view. For example single-clicking any day or time within
the month/week/day view that contains the red box outline.
2. Fully shutting down the application, including the 'tray icon'.
3. Using middle-click within the view. Note: This will cause the event to move to the location the mouse was hovering over at the time of the middle-click. (As seen in Figure 5)


The additional testing showed that although a red box outline is left on the screen, the possibility of the additional functionality (letting the user release the left mouse button and having the middle-click move the event at a later time) may potentially make this an interesting new feature for the application.

Solution 3 (Turning the defect into an enhancement):

Keep the interesting part of letting the user stop the drag half-way and returning to move it afterwards (perhaps after viewing some of the other appointments of the day, as this does not remove the red box outline). Build in a key-press that releases the drag (leaving it as a red box outline) and re-grabs the event afterwards (as the right-click should not behave like this).

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