BORG 1.7.7 Released

BORG 1.7.7 contains minor features and bug fixes.

Re-layout Task, Project, Address, and Search forms to make better use of space
Hide links table if there are no links to save space
Prepend task description to subtask on calendar
Use H2 as default database instead of HSQL
Ticket 12 Allow 1 minute increments for appointment times
Ticket 11 Edit appointment duration by setting the end time
Ticket 10 Allow setting of the views that open at start up
Ticket 9 Show colors to indicate tasks approaching the due date
Ticket 34 (trac) allow different From and To addresses for email reminders
Ticket 36 (trac) Updated Spanish (Argentina) Translation

Bug Fixes:
Ticket 13 Move Box on Week View shows wrong end time
Ticket 8 Start date and Due date are reversed on the Project View
Ticket 37 (trac) Error creating DB with Java 7
Ticket 35 (trac) Wrong item dragged when there are too many untimed events to fit in a calendar box
Ticket 32 (trac) A new blank subtask is not added to the subtask table automatically

Posted by Mike Berger 2012-10-27