BORG 1.7.6 Released

BORG 1.7.6 has been released. As with the past few releases, this is a release full of many minor features.

There have been some appearance related changes. It is now possible to change all BORG colors so that BORG can go all-dark to match a dark desktop theme. For those people who then want to switch between light and dark themes, BORG can now save color settings as named themes. Even the system tray icon's size, colors, and fonts can be changed so that it can better blend in with the desktop. You can also add your own Java look and feels to BORG by copying the look and feel JAR file to BORG's lib/ext folder and typing the look and feel name into the options.

Linux users will see a number of minor improvements. The Linux menu items should now be correctly set up for more users. The system tray icon will be less ugly in linux as well, especially if you change the icon background to match your panel.

BORG's default installation folder will now be BORGCalendar (without a space between BORG and Calendar).
This change was needed as part of the fix to get Linux desktop shortcuts to properly work.
This fix will affect all platforms. Most users will not notice. Those few users that have custom start
scripts or have copied extra JARs under the "BORG Calendar" folder, will need to be aware that the name
has changed and that the installer will not just overwrite the existing "BORG Calendar" folder unless
you explicitly set the path.

Dynamic loading of JARs is now done for JARs in the lib/ext folder. Users that have put
JARs in the lib folder need to move them to the lib/ext folder for them to be loaded.
This change will keep the shipped JARs separate from any added JARs.
Most users are unaffected by this. Dynamically loaded JARs are only used to add additional look and feels,
extra database drivers (such as H2 or MySQL), or for adding the experimental BORG plugins.

Full List of Changes:

(Bug and Feature numbers now come from Trac)

Feature #7 repeat pattern (By N weeks, months, years)
Feature #10 Standard Menu Bar for all Windows
Feature #9 Daily view scale setting - add zoom buttons on day and week view. does not affect printing.
Feature #6: add reminders for tasks
Feature #12: Show popup reminder for birthdays
Feature #15: Color Schemes and support for dark themes
Feature #16: Allow user to type in a look and feel name
Feature #19: Allow user to change system tray appearance. Fix System Tray sizing.
Feature #20: Add a database modification timestamp to detect linux remount errors
Feature: add option to select a particular looks color theme when using a looks look and feel.
Feature (contributed code): Add text to days in year view
Feature: add ability to open any view from the tray icon menu

Bug #3 category not consistant across borg clients
Bug #2 Can't print Task List
Bug #4 borg help not loaded in 1.7.5
Bug #1 Linux desktop shortcuts not always created
Bug #17 Fix the initial focus and save&close mnemonic on the appt editor screen
Bug Fix start-to-tray to properly create the month view tab

Other: Clean up the build script. Compile by Package to enforce package dependencies.
Other: Add an optional IVY task to download the latest third-party lib versions
Other: create separate "ext" folder to contain dynamically loaded libs (plugins, added l&f's)
Code Refactoring: eliminate used of restricted APIs. Use lombok to clean up Bean classes. Remove dead code.

Posted by Mike Berger 2011-12-30