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BORG 1.7.5 Released

BORG 1.7.5 has been released.

Feature 3118440 - Checklists
Feature 1416675 - To Do Priorities
Feature 3136779 - Ability to Import Backup Zip all at once
Feature 3116794 - Make all tabs dockable
Feature 3084552 - Ask for confirmation when memo is going to be deleted
Feature 3075832 - Enable multiple selection in pop-up reminders
Feature 3227225 - Ability to override the dock/undock defaults per window
Feature 3217074 - Enhanced set of shutdown/backup options
Feature (Patch) 3094537 - "todo quick add" field enhancements
Feature - option to email the backup ZIP when it is created
Feature - Export XML changed to create a single ZIP file instead of separate XML files
Feature - Option to Sort by priority on calendar
Feature - Support H2 Database
Feature - anti-alias text
Feature (Patch) - total number of items for TODO and Task lists
Feature - Whole Word Search
Feature - updates to the Italian Translation
Feature - option to show subtasks in task lists
Feature - in project tree, show empty projects as folders, not leaves

Bug 3076434 - Backdated ToDos-Birthdays pop up for each year until present
Bug - memo view does not clear currently shown memo when the tab is closed.
Bug - options do not reset to stored values if the option view is closed and reopened.
Bug 3217092 - BORG does not remember dock state after closing
Bug - do not create undo records when importing
Bug - only show first line of appt text in email reminders
Bug 3285186 - fix exe installer for windows-7

Posted by Mike Berger 2011-04-23