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BORG 1.7.4 Released

BORG 1.7.4 has been released.

The javadocs at have been updated to match this release.

Spanish (Argentina) Translation
Feature - add search in memo text
Feature - [3039608] Single pop-up window for multiple reminders
Feature - [3059547] Add Repeat Until as a Recurrence option
Feature [2945673] - add back start to system tray feature
Feature - option to filter closed tasks in project/task tree
Feature - option to filter closed tasks in project task list
Feature [2960249] - option to hide status and task number in task tree display
Feature - automatically detect a few more Look and Feels
Feature [2945434] add option to show date in tray icon
Feature [2985309] Single click activate, double click add appointment

Bug - Make Daylight Savings Time Change entries non-clickable
Bug - Fix import bug that messes up links. Also speed up import.
Bug - change color chooser buttons so that color is always shown. Was lost for some look and feels.
Bug [2934430] - add buttons to increase/decrease the size of the non-timed area for day and week views.
Bug - make todo table react to changes in user colors preference
Bug [2985307] ToDo list always appears at startup

Other - Move reports and GANTT chart out of BORG. Create an unsupported plugins project
to contain the reports, GANNT, and the old Ical import.

Posted by Mike Berger 2010-09-25