Minor Release

BORG contains a few requested features that have accumulated lately. If none of the features below interest you, there is no compelling reason to upgrade from 1.5.1 or

Show as many days from prior and next month as will fit in the current month view. This was a popular request. Blank boxes before and after the month will show the prior and next months' days.

Socket Interface - available commands: shutdown, sync, open - a special feature request that won't interest most people. If you set a socket port under the misc options, then trying to start a second instance of BORG will cause a running instance to open rather than erroring or starting a second JVM. Also, starting a Palm sync will now automatically shutdown BORG before syncing. You can also get a running instance of BORG to sync, shutdown, or open by sending the text command over the socket.

Updated German Translation - (also in

Track Closed Date for Tasks
Track Elapsed Time for Tasks

Timed Individual Reminder Emails for Appointments - set this under the email options. You can have BORG send individual reminder emails per appt at a set time before the appt. Currently, the email will have ICAL and VCAL (outlook) files attached.

I also added some logic needed to fully support MySQL Palm syncing and Palm syncing to any folders.

Posted by Mike Berger 2006-04-05