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Initial import

Import current working draft of boot_info_script (pre v056).

A lot of changes happened between v055 and this current working draft.

Here is a list that covers most of the changes:
- big cleanup of the script + nicer formatting
- fixed some minor bugs
- support added for mount paths with spaces
- support more than 26 devices (/dev/sda - /dev/sdz; /dev/sdaa - /dev/sdzz)
- new Syslinux, Syslinux hybrid, XOSL, Discryptor, 'MS-DOS
3.30 through Windows 95 (A)' and 'FreeDOS (eXtended FDisk)' MBR detection added
- VBR detection added for various bootloaders:
- Syslinux (normal and ISOhybrid) versions
- grub4dos (differs per filesystem)
- FreeDOS
- Display more info when Syslinux is found in the VBR (installation diretory,
sector location of second stage, ...)
- List additional boot files when found:
- SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX: ldlinux.sys and extlinux.sys
- Grub4dos: grldr and grldr.bin
- burg (grub2 based): /burg/core.img and /boot/burg/core.img
- grub2: added /boot/grub2/core.img as alternative location
- FreeDOS: kernel.sys
- DellDiagnostics: dellbio.bin and dellrmk.bin
- Display contents of syslinux.cfg and extlinux.conf too.
- Added a lot of GUIDs to the GPT Partition Type list
- Fixed displaying the location of a file on disk with "filefrag -v".
It didn't work all the time.
Also show location in GiB and GB and number of file fragments.
- Display file location also for Syslinux related boot files:
- ldlinux.sys, extlinux.sys
- syslinux.cfg and extlinux.cfg
- *.c32
- Initial patch to support reading the install directory of grub-1.99 (WIP).
- Support added to specify a filename to which the output file is saved:
sudo bash ./boot_info_script*.sh <outputfile>
- Support added to optionally gzip a copy of the output file:
sudo bash ./boot_info_script*.sh -g <outputfile>
sudo bash ./boot_info_script*.sh --gzip <outputfile>
- Support added to display a help message:
bash ./boot_info_script*.sh -h
bash ./boot_info_script*.sh -help
bash ./boot_info_script*.sh --help
- Boot Info Script is now released under the MIT license.

Signed-off-by: Gert Hulselmans <>

Gert Hulselmans Gert Hulselmans 2011-02-01

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