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About Booster+

Booster+ is a simple light-weight tool to optimize your PC. It speeds up your PC by removing unwanted services that load at start up and hence slow down your PC. This is a simple tool built in the Java programming language.

Besides this, Booster+ also offers a hand full of tools that are really a worth.

Task Killer : The Task Killer tool aims to kill tasks on your wish. You can also close all the Non-Responding programs with a single click using this tool and also kill programs that are greater than given bytes of data.

Shutdown Timer : Shutdown timer lets your system shutdown with in the given time. You can also set a custom message which comes at the time of system shutdown.

Task List: Task List gives the information about the list of programs running at the time of the click of button. It is quite advanced to Task Manager, it also shows the Process ID, which lets you kill the program by using it instead of using the name of the program, which at times be similar with other ones.

Startup Programs: Gives a list of programs that load at start up.

Flush DNS Cache: Clears the DNS Cache.

Signature Verification: Verifies signature of files.

Fix Safely Remove Hardware Icon: Fixes the 'Safely Remove Hardware' Icon which is not found.

Internet Explorer Cleaner : Cleans IE data in one-click.

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