compiling problems by using boost header

  • Malte Riesner
    Malte Riesner

    Hi all,

    I have to compile a lib which uses the boost headers. The lib wasn't created by me. I tried to adapt the Makefile and to compile it. It seems to me, that Boost can't find its own header. Its only a warning message, but its occures about 200 times and the compiler stops without writing a detailed error-message. The warning-message is

    makedepend: warning: DSet.cpp (reading /home/riesner/Bibliotheken/boost_1_54_0/boost/config/select_stdlib_config.hpp, line 18): cannot find include file "cstddef"
    not in ../cstddef
    not in /home/riesner/Bibliotheken/boost_1_54_0/cstddef
    not in /home/local/include/cstddef
    not in /usr/include/cstddef

    and repeats with e.g. utility, stddef.h, memory, exception, typeinfo, vector, iostream..... instead of cstddef. cstddef is a file inside the boost directory. I tried different version of boost and also another gcc compiler. Why can it not be found?

    Thx and regards, Malte