the compilation of boost library fails on my freebsd system whan I try to install them from /usr/ports/devel/boost. See error msg below. Any idea how to overcome the problem?

cd /usr/ports/devel/boost/work/boost_1_32_0 &&  /usr/bin/env GCC="cc -O2 -pipe " GXX="c++  -O
2 -pipe " STLPORT_ROOT=/ SHELL=/bin/sh PORTOBJFORMAT=elf    PREFIX=/usr/local LOCALBASE=/usr/
local X11BASE=/usr/X11R6 MOTIFLIB="-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXm -lXp" LIBDIR="/usr/lib" CFLAGS="-O2
-pipe " CXXFLAGS=" -O2 -pipe " MANPREFIX="/usr/local" BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM="install -c -s -o r
oot -g wheel -m 555"  BSD_INSTALL_SCRIPT="install -c -o root -g wheel -m 555"  BSD_INSTALL_DA
TA="install -c -o root -g wheel -m 444"  BSD_INSTALL_MAN="install -c -o root -g wheel -m 444"
/usr/ports/devel/boost/work/boost_1_32_0/tools/build/jam_src/bin.freebsd/bjam  --prefix=/usr
/local "-sTOOLS=gcc-stlport" "-sBUILD=<stlport-iostream>on release <threading>single <optimiz
ation>off" "-sSTLPORT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORY=/usr/local/include/stlport" "-sSTLPORT_LIB_DIRECTORY=
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
*** Error code 139

Stop in /usr/ports/devel/boost.