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BoomBot 0.9 Released

This 0.9 final release is the culmination of many changes over the past few years. The most notable changes include the drastic cleanup of the BBPluginProtocol and BBTOC. Additionally, several new examples are included, such as a Lua script interpreter. All in all, BoomBot is now at a point where it should be stable and straightforward enough to truly use to its fullest extent.

Changes include:
- Major reorganization and cleanup of BBTOC
- BBTOC interface and plugin protocol redesign
- Lua bindings via new Lua personality
- New Mirror external example personality
- Further improved documentation
- Universal binary support

Posted by Josh Watzman 2007-08-17

If you're interested in BoomBot, please get in touch!

To anyone who is remotely interested in using or helping to develop BoomBot, please contact me! I just want to get some publicity and feedback for my little project. Anyone is of course welcome to contribute code; if you're interested, I can help get you up-to-speed on the codebase. The same applies to anyone interested in developing personalities (either as public projects or for internal use) - I can help you get your code working.... read more

Posted by Josh Watzman 2006-08-28

BoomBot 0.9pre1 Released

A source-only prerelease version of BoomBot 0.9, creatively named 0.9pre1, has been released. It is based upon revision 14 of the current SVN trunk and is intended as a developer preview (i.e. something to work with that's better than the fluctuating SVN repository and the way outdated previous release). Major missing features in this release to be hopefully fixed before 0.9 include a binary release, example project, use of the ALICE personality somewhere (it may end up as the example), and better documentation. As school is starting shortly for sinclair44, the sole developer at this point, 0.9 may not be released for a few months.... read more

Posted by Josh Watzman 2006-08-21

BoomBot resurrected

Earlier this week, I dusted off the old, unreleased BoomBot 0.8 development code which had been sitting on my drive untouched for about 3 years. After fighting with libfiretalk for a while, I finally got BoomBot to connect to AIM via TOC2. I registered this project, which will be the site of future BoomBot development.

The 0.9 development code has been commited to SVN. New features from 0.7 include a split into the app interface and the core framework for easier personality (plugin) development and a new XCode project file. Work should head rapidly towards an 0.9 release, and hopefully 1.0 by the end of the summer.

Posted by Josh Watzman 2006-06-24