#18 Added Mozilla & Firebird support to client

Daniel Gehriger


I added support for Mozilla & Firebird to the SyncIt

This is not a hack:

- the location of the bookmarks.html is determined

- the updated client supports all browsers installed at
the same time (IE + Netscape + Mozilla + Firebird). Also,
the client communicates with each browser separately
through DDE.

As a bonus, I also included the fix for latin characters
(é, ö, ...) and HTML entities ("&", ...), which I posted

I don't have access to either the CVS or the file area... I
therefore attached the recompiled client (version 1.6) to
this bug report. The changes to the source files will be
posted tomorrow.


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    Hmm.. I don't see any attached files.

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    It's attached now (apparently there's a size limitation for
    attached files, which is why the original upload disappeared).

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    Added "ID" tag support to Mozilla & Co. This fixes the lost
    toolbar folder.

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    Somehow this version does not find the mozilla bookmarks on
    my machine. I am using Mozilla 1.5 on Win2K with current
    hotfixes. IE and Phoenix have been detected. Could u tell me
    the regkey I have to enter to get Mozilla work too?

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    The problem has been fixed in the attached client (version

    I am also parsing the user's "prefs.js" preference file, and
    correctly locate the bookmarks file if its location has been
    changed using the "browser.bookmarks.file" setting.

    - Daniel


    - if more than one user profile is detected, don't just use the
    currently active, but let the user specify which one to use.

    - add preference dialog to specify SyncIt server.

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    May I add a todo?

    TODO: Option to enable auto-backups (once a day?) to
    prevent data loss if syncit-server crashes.

    It's propably best to create a single html file as backup (with
    backup date part of the filename), in a format which can
    imported by the browsers.


  • Darren Hodges
    Darren Hodges

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    > I am also parsing the user's "prefs.js" preference file

    Do you also parse the user.js file, if present? I prefer to
    store my bookmarks location setting in here.

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    > Do you also parse the user.js file, if present?
    > I prefer to store my bookmarks location setting in here

    No I don't (forgot about user.js). I'll fix this later this week.

    On a sidenote: why don't the project half-gods allow users
    (like me) to upload patches if we can't have access to the
    CVS ? I have been asking for the Patch section on SF to be
    enabled for quiet some time now, but they didn't even care to
    answer my mail... Apparently, contributions are not welcome.
    I'll fix a few more things with the client, but that's it.

  • SyncIt Client (added Mozilla / Firebird support & user pref.js/user.js parsing)

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    - Added parsing of user.js file.

    - Added new registry key "RegistrationUrl": analog to
    the "File2" key, this one specifies the registration / login page
    (referred to by several dialog windows). The value of
    the "Root" key is combined with the value of "RegistrationUrl"
    to forms the complete URL.

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