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Survey: How do you use BookmarkBridge?

  • Dean Serenevy
    Dean Serenevy

    Hello, I am just now installing BB, but will be using it to syncronize bookmarks between my home and office machines (both mozilla). Like Simon, I order my bookmarks in each folder, use separators, mozilla keywords, and I will add to his list: "group of tabs" folders (FOLDER_GROUP="true" attribute in Mozilla bookmarks)..

    I also would like (sorry, I can't separate "how I use it" from "how I would like to use it") to eventually use BB to export sub-trees of my bookmarks for mailing to people asking for links, or to place on my webpage.

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C

    I use Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari, on a single machine, and would like to keep them all regularly sychronised. (I would like to have them all in the source and target fields). Synchronising across machines is also good, but of secondary importance to me, as there are alternatives. Bookmark Bridge is GREAT, as it appears to be the ONLY software which comes close to what I would like to do. Keep up your brilliant work, I look forward to the next release. btw, Opera 9.5 would be my browser of choice at the moment if only I could sync bookmarks easily.

  • Thomas Brenau
    Thomas Brenau


    I'm syncronising my bookmarks between IE (company uses ActiveX etc. for intranet applications) and Firefox (for browsing the internet) on one computer only.

    I'm using the command line interface from a batch file in the startup folder to automatically sync bookmarks after logging in, using IE's favorites and two FF profiles both as sources and destinations.

    Cross-computer syncing is not relevant for me as I robocopy the favorites and the FF profiles (along with other personal data) anyways (thus making sure the FF add-ons are synced as well).
    But of course this would be a nice feature anways...

    I'm really happy with the "core" features the current version provides, only FF3 compatibility is missing :-(

    Looking forward for future releases!

  • tcahill


    For me BookmarkBridge is an absolutely indispensable tool. I always use different browsers because each of them performs better with certain websites and not at all for others. Without BB, I must duplicate a lot of effort keeping the bookmarks in sync. My regular browsers, all on Linux, are firefox 3.x, Konqueror (3.x) and Opera 9.x. I've been running OpenSuse for several years now, and staying current with releases and updates.

    I would love to see this software stay active and current.

  • martosurf


    I found BB because I'm looking for a solution to SYNC all my browsers favorites/bookmarks in my PC. There are other solutions out there already what do exactly that BUT they require you to log in to it's site and have your bookmarks loaded in some-place-in-the-world hard disk, and I totally disagree with this approach. >:(

    I think there should be a button to "One Touch Easy Sync" all the browsers installed so you can have exactly the same bookmarks in every browser you choose to use (Opera, FF, Chrome (yup!), IE, etc.), with bookmarks merged but no duplicated AND sorted in alphabetical order with folders first.

    This way, it should be a breeze to keep bookmarks synchronized between different browsers. You can even provide a Task Schedule using Windows own schedule service to keep bookmarks updated proven user requires that -handy- function.

    I think that way BB will be undoubtly the best sync/fusion bookmark/favorites tool out there easy and swift enough to everyone to use, without compromising security or exposing personal data in 'the cloud'; a few big colorfull buttons and some reminder alerts will do it!

    BB + AM-DeadLink is the killer combo!!