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BookGears 0.81

A new version of BookGears with a few small bug fixes. Released together with Bookpiles 1.1.

Posted by martinalex 2007-04-01

BookGears 0.8 has been released

Bookpiles 1.0 and BookGears 0.8 has been released. For Bookpiles a Turkish user interface translation exist now.

Posted by martinalex 2007-02-15

Bookpiles 0.9.1 and BookGears 0.7.1 released

Bug fix release:
Sometimes the wrong Firebird database dll used, gds32.dll instead of fbclient.dll.
Sometimes initial database not automatically found.

Posted by martinalex 2006-10-14

BookGears 0.7.0 - first release

- Book data grabber for windows
- Read web pages currently browsed with Internet Explorer and extract shown book data
- Identify web pages for public libraries
- Load book reviews from Amazon
- Load book thumbnails from Amazon
- Load book journals from Bookcrossing
- Add personal data for books
- Show found book data
- Send data to Bookpiles in XML format
- Export and import data in XML format
- Multi language
Currently supported languages are: English and German
- Data is stored in an SQL database (Firebird - Open Source)
Used database is 'Firebird embedded', there is no need to install a database server
- Proxy support
- Open Source, GPL license (GNU General Public License)

Posted by martinalex 2006-10-02