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BonkEnc v1.0 Beta 3 released

BonkEnc is a CD ripper and audio encoder/converter for various formats. It can produce MP3, MP4, AAC, Ogg Vorbis and Bonk files and has a multi language user interface.
BonkEnc supports freedb protocol level 6 (Unicode support) and the new MP4 audio container format.

BonkEnc is a new CD ripper and audio encoder/converter for Windows. The program is available in seventeen languages and can be translated to other languages easily using XML language files.

The program is available at http://www.bonkenc.org/

The following things have been added or changed in this release:

- support for the MP4/M4A file format
- support for FLAC and FAAD2 audio decoders
- added Ukrainian, Spanish (Latin American) and Chinese (traditional) translations
- support for reading CD contents automatically on insert
- added auto-eject feature
- support for non-'on-the-fly' encoding
- fixed NT SCSI support
- HTTP proxy support
- support for Unicode filenames
- added an uninstaller
- improved online update
- tooltips show more information about joblist entries
- lots of bugfixes
Posted by Robert Kausch 2005-01-09