Keep folder tree structure in output folder

  • I would like support support for keeping the folder structure when
    converting/recoding (like XRecode does):

    I would like to convert a folder tree with flac files (correct folder
    structure, files already contain correct tags) to another folder tree of MP3
    I can drag a folder tree to the input but freac only allows to output to a
    single flat folder.
    I would like that freac builds the same tree structure in the outputfolder as
    there is in the input folder.


    Input folder: MyFlacFiles
    Output folder: MyMP3Files


    MyFlacFiles\John Mayer\Continuum\Belief.flac will be converted to
    MyMP3Fles\John Mayer\Contiuum\Belief.mp3

    This is very handy when converting music collections to a different format.
    I keep two collections:
    1) A quality collection (flac and MP3 320kbps) for archiving and playing on my
    mediaplayer and computers.
    2) An MP3 collection (192kbps) for playing on MP3 player and phones and other
    devices that do not support flac.

    I maintain the quality collection and want an easy way to keep the MP3
    collection synchronised.
    XRecode allows me to do this but I would rather use Freac instead but it is
    missing this essential feature.

    (I know that files can be output in the original input folder but that is not
    what I want).

  • Robert Kausch
    Robert Kausch

    This is already supported by fre:ac. Please try the following output filename
    pattern: <directory-1>\<filename>

    More info about the <directory> placeholder can be found in the "How to...?"
    section of the user manual.

  • Thanks!
    When I use <directory-1>\<filename> then <directory-1> gets translated to
    However <directory>\<filename> appears to do the trick.

  • Robert Kausch
    Robert Kausch

    Oh yes, my mistake. It should have been <directory+1>.

    The +1 just strips one path element from the beginning, so you won't get the
    MyFlacFiles part in your output directory tree.