portableappz.com version - LAME seperate

  • Just curious why the LAME encoder was separated out of the standard download?

    • Robert Kausch
      Robert Kausch

      The PortableApps.com version is maintained by them so I do not have direct control over it.

      However, this is from the license agreement of their BonkEnc Portable LAME Plugin:

      "This codec is distributed separately because of patent issues. Personal and/or
      commercial use of compiled versions of this codec requires a patent license in
      some countries. Please check before using this codec."

      So it's legal considerations by them.

    • I'm a convert from EAC to Bonkenc, your software is faster and less finicky. (Saw it on Hydrogen Audio some time ago) I've been using your .zip portable download for a while now, and it is great.
      I do use portableapps.com for a bunch of other programs, but I do not use their launcher which is a big reason to use their apps and format.

      Other than the LAME separation issue, are there any other positives or negatives to using their version of Bonkenc since you do not control it?
      Is there anything we may miss out on by using the portableapps version?

      • Robert Kausch
        Robert Kausch

        As BonkEnc is already portable by itself, i recommend to use the PortableApps.com version only if you want the PortableApps launcher integration.

        The PortableApps version does not have the online update notifier. It is also a bit smaller as of BonkEnc 1.0.12 as they still use UPX executable compression. I ceased to use it, because it sometimes caused false alarms from anti virus software.

        In all other aspects, the PortableApps version should be identical to the official BonkEnc.

    • Great, thanks for the software and the quick replies.