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A couple of questions (0.5.1)

  • Ruediger Arp
    Ruediger Arp

    Hi there,

    Yesterday I compiled libburn and Brasero 0.5.1 on Ubuntu 6.10. I fail to understand a few things, maybe someone can chime in.

    First I installed libburn into /usr/local, added /usr/local to ld.so.conf and ran ldconfig. I then compiled Brasero using

    $ ./configure --enable-inotify --enable-libburn

    configure succeeded, its summary however claimed that libburn was not enabled. Also, it didn't say whether inotify was enabled. I then followed the advice given on Brasero's website and opened gconf-editor to activate libburn via /apps/brasero/config/libburn_burn and /apps/brasero/config/libburn_iso. Brasero wasn't listed under "apps" until I logged out and back into Gnome again. However, /apps/brasero/config now lists three options related to libburn (libburn_read being the third option).

    1. Once activated in gconf-editor, is libburn being used (given that the configure summary says no)?
    2. What's the easy way to see whether inotify works? Just open Brasero, change a few files in Nautilus and check whether the file info is being updated in Brasero?

    Thanks and cheers