PPP Support

  • Hi,

    I'm working with a carrier company based on cellular links (GPRS) that uses PPP as connection method.
    GPRS lins are very unstable, so they and loose connection or have very poor link quality frequently. In this cases we use a router with an ADLS link as main link and GPRS as backup.
    By now we use scripts to check network status from ethernet card (a combination with traceroute and ping to similar to mtr program) and if it is down router switches to GPRS.
    Where ADSL aren't available we use EDGE or GPRS link and EDGE or GPRS as backup, but isn't easy to detect when links fails.
    Bonding driver could be extended to PPP links?
    How could I do that?
    What needs to be done?

    Thanks a lot

    Francisco Perea
    Electrical engineer