Source Repository?

  • Diego Pineda
    Diego Pineda

    Linux Channel Bonding Dev Team,

    Is a source repository available (i.e. SVN, Git), for your project? Are previous versions of your driver tracked in the repository, or is only the latest code included? I have a client that has a specific need to use v3.6.0 (Sep 26, 09) of your driver for validation purposes within their dev environment. 

    The source forge page for your project mentions a source repository is available, but it links to the development page, which unfortunately does not have a link for your source repo.

    Please respond at your soonest convenience. And keep up the awesome work-we use bonding in nearly all of our physical environments.


  • Jay Vosburgh
    Jay Vosburgh

    There is no sourceforge source repository for the bonding driver; it has been maintained as part of the mainline linux kernel for many years.  The repositories for the mainline kernel may be found on

    Also, the version number is not necessarily indicative of a single version of bonding, as for various reasons one version number will often correspond to multiple actual revisions of the code.  If they need to match a version of bonding from a specific distro kernel, then that bonding source code can be found within that kernel's source RPM.