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arp monitoring not working in SUSE 8 2.4.21

  • Razvan Sultana
    Razvan Sultana

    Hi Richard,
    Did you  managed to get your problem fixed?
    It seems the problem is still there.

    We have a similar system, but with Dell PowerEdge 1855 blades that run Fedora Core4 with kernel 2.6.11
    These blades come 10 in a chassis where you can have 2 switches, that are connected each to one of the two NICs on each of the 10 blades. The switches are connected each through an uplink to another general switch.

    I tried to configure a bonding interface for each blade in active-backup mode and ARP monitoring, with the IP of the gateway being monitored.
    This seems to work when I have just one blade - if I turn off the uplink on one switch, the bonding device switches to the other NIC (that goes out through the other switch).

    As soon as I add another blade to the equation, the
    bonding device gets confused and it doesn't behave as expected. Instead, it seems to detect the other link as being down. So, obviously, the ARP monitoring is unusable in this configuration.

    Any hints about why that happens?
    Is it a driver issue or a switch/network configuration issue? I don't have any routes associated directly with the NICs.

    Thank you,

    Razvan Sultana

    • honglonglong

      I encountered the same problem as you said.
      In our env we used two L2 switches,only one blade with bonding interface in active-backup mode and ARP monitoring can work fine,if I connected another blade to the two switches the  bonding device will get confused and the arp monitoring could not work anymore.
      Have you resolve this problem?Is it an arp bug?