I have one PC with two wireless interface (wifi0 and wifi1). I have made these as slave to bond0 interface.
My requirements are:
1) If any request is coming from one interface then reply should be back through that interface only. So if TCP request is from wifi0 then reply should be through wifi0 only  and if scp request is through wifi1 then reply should be through wifi1.
Means both wifi0 and wifi1 should be active.
I have set round robin mode but in that alternate interface are selected for transmission even traffic is coming from one interface only.

What should be the configuration of bonding in this sceneario.

2) If i choose mode other then round robin then only one interface is active. Suppose wifi0 is active interface and wifi1 is inactive, now if i send any traffic to wifi1 interface then it not replying through this interface.
Any idea on this.

3) Does bonding will help, If I want to achive flow control between slave? I mean, TCP should flow through slave 1 and UDP through slave 2 only.
Is there any other things that i can try to achieve flow control?