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Nominate Boincoid for Best New Project

Hi, we're pushing Boincoid in the nomination poles, your nomination (vote) can count!

Posted by Oded Ben Dov 2009-05-16

Needed Programmer for potential $$$

This project (http://boincoid.sf.net) was written for Google's Android Contest Stage I, and came to 80% completion by the deadline.

While it's not clear if and when Stage II of the contest will come out, it was previously said it will bear 5,000,000$ in prizes. Also, it will presumably be based on download and popularity statistics.

We are looking for a committed programmer that, unlike the current project participants, has some spare time to invest in this project, and bring it to completion.... read more

Posted by Oded Ben Dov 2009-04-08

BOINCoid Source Release

BOINCoid -
Bringing BOINC and its projects (SETI@Home, etc.) to the Android mobile platform, through translation to Java.

We're happy to announce the release of both Google-Android- and Java -ports of BOINC and SETI@Home.

Further information:

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2008-05-18