I check source code from CVS and run it with wxPython 2.4.2 and python 2.3. It works.
Thank you very much for your suggestion

Riaan Booysen <riaan@e.co.za> wrote:

Surachai Locharoen wrote:
> Dear All
> I am new to Python and finding tool to develop GUI application. Could
> you suggest me the best version of BOA, wxPython and Python which
> compatible and run smoothly? Now I try BOA 2.3 and wxPthon 2.4.2 and
> Python 2.3. it work fine. but there are warning when open UML view. I
> would like to use BOA 3.1 but there is error when open UML view

That error and a few other are fixed on the HEAD of cvs.
If you can just do a normal cvs checkout of Boa to get it.

Starting a new project with 0.3.1 might not be the best idea though.
Boa 0.4.0 for wxPython 2.5 is just about ready and certainly usable for
GUI development.
I suggest you check it out (with the tag Boa_0-4-0_pre) and give it
a try before commiting to 0.3.1


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