Yap... it's me...
Im just finishing a py2exe GUI in wxPython, it will be done in a day or two... after that Im going to try making the matplotlib boa plug-in.
Im counting with the groups help =). 
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James Stone escreveu:
advantage that PyChart seems to have over it (from my
very brief look at both) is that in matplotlib, bar
charts with error bars seem to have a default symbol
at the centre of the error bars, which looks ugly. It
would be nice if it was possible to change the style
of this symbol (or make it invisible) but the
documentation for matplotlib does not explicitly
mention anything about this.  Do you know if this is
possible? Perhaps it would be necessary for me to join
the matplotlib development but I am not very keen to
do this as my Python programming knowledge is very

Sorry for this off topic post but have just worked out how to make the
symbols invisible: you have to use separate error bars rether than the
error bars that are built in to the bar chart function.

good to hear that!

Overall matplotlib seems very nice indeed and I think that integration
into boa would be a very useful thing.

There was was a post recently on this list of someone that was interested in doing just that... I think his name was Ricardo...