boa-constructor and remote zope

  • Haim Ashkenazi
    Haim Ashkenazi


    I'm trying to connect from boa-constructor to a remote zope server (I don't want to install one on my desktop), and I'm keep getting this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/share/boa-constructor/Explorers/", line 652, in OnSelect    self.selectTreeItem(item)
      File "/usr/share/boa-constructor/Explorers/", line 623, in selectTreeItem
        self.list.refreshItems(imgs, data)
      File "/usr/share/boa-constructor/Explorers/", line 478, in refreshItems
        try: items = explNode.openList()
      File "/usr/share/boa-constructor/ZopeLib/", line 195, in openList
      File "/usr/share/boa-constructor/ZopeLib/", line 340, in call
        return apply(Function(cp__url,username=cp__username, password=cp__password), (), kw)
      File "/usr/share/boa-constructor/ZopeLib/", line 217, in __call__
        raise NotAvailable, RemoteException(
    bci.NotAvailable: string index out of range (File: Line: function=version)
    None None for None

    searching the zope wiki I found that you should install ZOA.zexp on the zope server. some more searching revealed that this method is obselete and from what I could find it should be done automatically, but I didn't find more ferefences to how it's done or is it done only on local server.

    so my question is, how do I connect my boa-constructor (0.3 on debian unstable) to a remote zope (2.7.3 on gentoo)?