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Fields property in Statusbar

  • ubuntu 10.10
    python 2.6
    boa constructor 0.6.1

    i've placed a statusbar on a frame, but i'm unable to edit the fields property (double clicking does nothing).  Can anyone help?

    thank you,
    bob k.

  • Bob,

    In the Inspector/Props tab for the statusbar click in the right column where "Fields" is in the left, on the right you should see three dots, when clicking on this you will see a collection editor.  On the tool bar of the collection editor use the left tool "new" to create a field and name it accordingly.


  • Werner,

    the right column of Fields has "(Fields)", not 3 dots like i was expecting.  double clicking the field does nothing.

  • Bob,

    I don't use Ubuntu that much, just had a quick look (on my Ubuntu box) and I see two "Fields" entry, the first one doesn't seem to do anything but the second one I see the dots and I can also double click to get the collection editor up.


  • it works on my Windows 7 machine, so i'll stick with that.

    thank you.

  • Tim

    I have the same problem, also on Ubuntu, 32-bit, version 10.04.2. This means that the collection editor is not accessible, which is a pretty serious problem.

  • I don't work on Ubuntu often, but just had another look and if one double clicks at the right edge of the right column for e.g. "fields" for the status bar or "pages" for notebooks then I get the collection editor.

    Issue looks like the button is not shown on Ubuntu/wxGTK - if someone who works on Ubuntu can figure out how to fix this I am sure a patch will make it into Boa.