Actual CVS version as *.zip for download???

  • Hi there,

    I cannot get actual cvs, cause a corporate-firewall is protecting my workplace :-/

    [please, no tips how to get my adminsitrator to open ports for cvs... thanks]

    is it possible that somebody pack actual cvs in a *zip file? And tell me / all the link?

    I'm very interested in using boa, but actual wxWindows has broken it... with actual cvs it should work.

    thanks again for any help


    • Blaine Lee
      Blaine Lee

      Read Sourceforge's help system.  look for 'tarball'  it is automatically updated every night if I remember correctly.

      • Thanks!!!

        short summary of my way for success :-)

        download nightly tarball:

        having cygwin installed (cause windows has no cvs / tar commands :)):

        tar -xf boa-constructor-cvsroot.tar.gz

        # this makes a CVS-directory "boa-constructor"

        # making a new boa-temp directory and go into
        # fire cvs on temporary (unpacked) directory to check boa out

        cvs -d /cygdrive/c/tmp/boa-constructor checkout boa

        going to unpacked boa -> starting -> run Version 0.1.3a

        e viola!
        thanks again!


      • couldn't find: Sourceforge's help system
        but this is a hint for my starting flatscreen-blindness &-)

        but Google got hits on this topic, from other sf-projects.