I am converting my project to use an image resource file as hinted at in the changes.txt file.

I have created a resource.py file with a header and images via img2py - the top few lines are at the end of this message. In the file dialog boa even shows that it recognizes the image resource file... guess my tag at the top is correct.

When I load up with the image resource module opened I get the no module named embeddedimage message.

I have hand edited a file to use the resource file and this works fine from another IDE... so the pythons good but BOA is not impressed.

What have I missed?
Does the answer lie on this link which I cannot seem to access?
>>>Actually' I've posted example here:

I know it will be something simple

python 2.5
wx 2.8


from wx.lib.embeddedimage import PyEmbeddedImage

# ***************** Catalog starts here *******************

catalog = {}
index = []

_1PH_Core_1_72x72Icon = PyEmbeddedImage(