#31 invalid literal for int(): merge+Mon

Riaan Booysen

I opened Boa, went to the Boa CVS folder, pushed the
update button, got the latest files from CVS, clicked
OK to close the CVS progress... dialog (which I run
with autoclose turned off) and immediately got this
error which I saved. Now when I try to go to the Boa
CVS folder I get the same error again.

So I closed Boa and launched again and I get a new

File "C:\Code\boa\Views\PySourceView.py", line 19,
in ?
import ProfileView, Search, Help, Preferences,
ShellEditor, Utils
File "ShellEditor.py", line 1
<<<<<<< ShellEditor.py
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Now, ShellEditor.py had been changed by me so CVS did
a merge and maybe that didn't go so well. Indeed, the
first line of that file now is:

<<<<<<< ShellEditor.py

I don't know how that got there. Yuck. In fact, the
whole file is trashed. CVS was not kind. So I deleted
ShellEditor.py and CVSExplorer.py (leaving the
previous pyc files). Launched Boa without any errors,
did another CVS update, closed boa, opened boa again
and everything seems fine.

So perhaps this is all CVS's fault, but I'm submitting
this to you anyway in the hope that it is still
helpful to you or future CVS victims. <wink>

It might be useful to have the option to replace the
local file with the repository version, rather than
merge the diffs. Is this doable? Desirable?


  • Boa's log of the error.

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    Riaan Booysen

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    Patrick, you are going to have to read the CVS docs sometime, none of this is CVS's fault, and you are
    overestimating your victim status ;)

    Firstly, there was a bug in Boa's CVS code, which only triggered under certain conditions (but the fix had been
    checked into CVS by the time this happened to you)
    Which is why it (CVS file mod status) worked after the update.

    Secondly when updating, CVS merges your file with the file in the repository. When lines conflict during the merge,
    both copies (local and repository) of the conflicting lines will be displayed in the format:
    <<<<<<< [Filename]
    [ your code ]
    [ repository code ]
    >>>>>>> [revision]
    in your source code.

    It is now your job to resolve the conflict by choosing between or merging the conflicting code blocks (and removing
    the <<<<<<<, =======, >>>>>>> lines). No information is lost!
    Usually you would then commit the merge.

    Use status to see when a file

    CVS also saves a backup of the file before changing it called .#[filename][rev] so your original file is still there.

    Boa has a little support built in for finding conflicts. On a choose Editor->Views->CVS Conflicts to get a list of all
    the conflicts in a file.

    I'll add some of this to the docs. Thanks and good luck.